Appartment project – Black base with Crystal Overlay K Gold and Translucent Green Wax2018-09-20T01:24:01+00:00
Industrial Cement Colour #4 finishing with clear wax2018-09-20T01:24:26+00:00
Cement with Metallic Wax Red2018-09-20T01:52:08+00:00
tuscany cadet blue2018-09-20T01:51:36+00:00
Iron sand Supreme Blue2018-09-20T01:53:13+00:00
Ebony Translucent Purple2018-09-20T01:53:40+00:00
Gold Cloud Effect2018-09-20T01:54:00+00:00
Royale yellow with Lining Effect ( Copper Gold Wax )2018-09-07T08:07:52+00:00
Gold Leaf: Antique Gold2018-09-03T01:16:06+00:00
White matt plaster with K gold Wax2018-08-30T07:42:05+00:00
Macoavell Lining Effect – Cement Colour #3 + Black Wax + K Gold2018-08-24T01:51:03+00:00
Macoavell Special Effect – Sand Effect – Cement colour #3 with black wax, K gold2018-08-21T07:08:51+00:00
Macoavell Special Effect – Lavender + Light Blue Plaster with T . Purple Wax2018-08-21T07:06:48+00:00
Macoavell Special Effect – Lining effect with silver wax2018-08-21T07:02:33+00:00
Macoavell Special Effect – Iron Sand with Lavender Wax2018-08-21T06:58:07+00:00
MacoAvell Matt Venetian Plaster : Colour: Diamond Blue2018-07-16T06:57:46+00:00
MacoAvell Matt Venetian Plaster : Colour: Alabaster2018-07-16T06:56:03+00:00
MacoAvell Matt Venetian Plaster : Colour: Brink Pink2018-07-16T06:54:34+00:00
Macoavell Overlay . Colour Dark Grey & Translucent Blue2018-07-16T06:52:06+00:00
Macoavell Overlay Colour Honey Gold2018-07-16T06:49:04+00:00
metallic wax: Translucent Purple2018-06-29T08:07:00+00:00
Copper Gold &Translucent Silver2018-06-28T03:35:11+00:00