Matt Plaster : Orange Peel

Matt Plaster : Royale Yellow

Metallic Wax: Copper Gold

Metallic Wax: Translucent Silver

When you are working on plastering your wall or hiring a professional to do the job for you, it is important that whoever is doing the job know what they are doing. A wrong work can cost you time and money. The plasterer should know what are the right tools and methods to do the job correctly and at MacoAvell you can find whatever you are looking for. MacoAvell is a well-known wall designer, which offers plentiful options of patterned and textured wall designs in its collection.

A handsomely designed home or commercial space is an end result of fresh architecture, right selection of colors, textures, crystal overlay, and patterns to beautify the available space. The picture shared above is an intricate and yet easy to apply wall décor including Matt Venetian Plaster and Metallic Wax that can be a modern work of art with special effects. The wall has been base coated with double plaster including the brilliant MacoAvell’s Orange Peel and Royal Yellow and then the finishing has been done with the double metallic wax of rich Copper Gold and Translucent Silver. This exceptional piece of work can be a perfect addition to your personal space or living room, or anywhere in the house where you want a feature wall. If you want more of the unique wall designs, MacoAvell offers a large collection to choose from.