Project Description

Matt Venetian Plaster: Aqua Blue

Crystal Overlay: Navy Blue

Metallic Wax: Navy Blue

These days wall textures are becoming a common thing yet one could never get tired of them, especially with the number of innovative textures that are created almost every day. The designs and styles can differ significantly. You can use wall texture to construct a specific vision as they can be executed in different ways. With MacoAvell, you can find the best wall texture designs for your room and other parts of your home and office. They have highly qualified professionals who will help you make the right choice and within your budget.

The rough texture is something that can fit in with any kind of surroundings and the above showing image of the modern wall texture design is an exceptional illustration of it. At first, the wall was covered with Aqua Blue Matt Venetian Plaster which is certainly a great material to start with. Then when the wall dried, the Crystal Overlay of Navy Blue was added to the wall for an enhanced look. In the end, Metallic Wax in Navy Blue was utilized for final finishing and get an amazing blue reflect effect. The end result as you can see was nothing short of remarkable.

Charming walls can make your room look very attractive and gifting your walls with right the textures, designs, and colors with the help of MacoAvell can be a great home life experience for you and your loved ones.

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