Project Description

Matt Plaster : Basil

Crystal Overlay : Translucent Silver

Metallic Wax: Emerald Green

If you want a bit of drama and flair for the walls of your room or any other part of the house, textured wall paints are one of the easiest and creative ways to go. Textured feature walls can create a character and personality for a bedroom and have a very good impression on the observer. MacoAvell can offer you several ways in which you can use the textured wall paint designs to convert an ordinary bedroom into a work of genius without spending too much time or money. Just a little bit of ingenuity and texturing, and your feature wall will stand out and enthrall the audiences just with one look. The rough texture is a great way to start.

Decorating your walls with right textures the first time will help you create uniqueness while also saving additional spending. As a result, picking out the right décor is vital, and that is where MacoAvell comes in. The above-mentioned image of the rough texture wall design is a perfect representation of what MacoAvell is capable of offering for its clients. The wall was first coated with the brilliant Basil Matt Venetian Plaster. When the plaster dried and the wall was ready for further enrichment, the Crystal Overlay of Translucent Silver and Metallic Wax of Emerald Green were used to enhance the texturing and give a first-rate finishing touch in the form of Green reflect. This modern design with its greeny appearance is very pleasing to the eyes and is bound to be well-regarded by all your visitors.

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