Project Description

Matt Venetian Plaster: Cream

Matt Venetian Plaster: Ivory

Metallic Wax: K Gold

A good and smart home can bring out the beauty of your surroundings in the best possible way, both inside and outside of the home. Your home is not just a place where you live with your loved ones, it also shows the personality traits of the people living in the home. Whatever you choose for your home décor, it will reflect on your taste and preferences. If you are interested in trying some real good wall texture designs for your home, MacoAvell is a place where you can pick from a wide and vivid range of texture designs and give an innovative and refined appearance to your personal space.

The above-mentioned image is a modern and flawless creation of MacoAvell where wall design represents the seamless fusion of smartness with classiness. This wall has a smooth texture and has been designed with double plaster effect. The wall was first covered Cream Matt Venetian Plaster and then the Ivory Matt Venetian Plaster to bring out an impressive texturing. Then to give an ultimate finishing, the K Gold Metallic Wax was used to deliver a stunning and an unparalleled texturized pattern, providing a pleasant and soothing experience for the viewers.

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