Project Description

Industrial Cement: Colour #1

Crystal Overlay : Amber

Metallic Wax: Translucent Purple

Plastering the walls is an essential part of wall designing and usually, it is a specialist job. Nevertheless, if you want to do the job by yourself and feel that you are quite handy with all plastering thing, then you can try MacoAvell wall designs which are not only exceptional but also quite easy to apply on your walls. All you would need is the right tools like Matt Venetian Plaster, Crystal Overlay, Metallic Wax, and other material for the job.

The above-shown image is the perfect representation of modern rough texture wall design with some very impressive results. In this design, at first, the wall was completely coated with the Industrial Cement Colour #1 for best effects. Once the plaster was fully in place and has dried, the Amber Crystal Overlay was spread all through the wall to give it a characteristic appearance. In the end, the Translucent Purple metallic wax was applied in order to get the best finishing and design effect.

A good and well-placed design can add a lot to your home décor and bring a new life to your old home. It is believed that home décor not only assists with your home aesthetics but it also has a positive impact on the people who live in it. So choose the right texture with MacoAvell and add a new personality and elegance to your home or office space.

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