Project Description

Matt Venetian Plaster : Ivory

Metallic Wax: K gold

With the increasing popularity and acceptance of modern texture paint designs, it is not a difficult task to find a texture or pattern to suit your wishes and requirements, especially with MacoAvell. It offers a wide range of texture designs for you to choose from and those designs are not only eye-catching, but they are also quite easy to apply on our walls without any difficulty.

Patterns and textures are a way to express your artistic nature and love for it. If you are having difficulty deciding which texture to choose, you can see the above-mentioned image of a smooth texture wall design. This image represents a perfect blend of exquisiteness and distinctiveness. The wall in the image was first coated with Ivory shade Matt Venetian Plaster to give the best special effects. Once the plaster dried, then the K Gold Metallic Wax was used to give the best finishing and give you the wall texture designs you would fall in love with straight away.

When you think of a decorating your space, it is not just about your home but also your commercial space. Both the spaces need equal care and attention. Thus, in order to help you choose from the best possible choices, MacoAvell is here.

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