Project Description

Matt Plaster : Mocha

Crystal Overlay : K Gold

Metallic Wax: Tuscany Gold

There has never been a doubt that a simple and firm coating of a fresh paint can completely change the way your room looks, making it appear more beautiful, sophisticated, and unique, depending on your choice of color. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with a simple coat of color, there are other ways to make the whole paint project an exciting undertaking. Rough texture designs for the walls can be awesome for converting your room from nobody to someone special.

A modern and good textured wall paint will not only heighten the attractiveness of the space but it will also be a soothing experience for the senses of the observers. The above mentioned Coffee Gold finish wall is one such example of wall textures. The first coating was done with Mocha Matt Venetian Plaster and then the Crystal Overlay of K Gold and Metallic Wax of Tuscany Gold were used to enhance the texturing and give an ultimate finish.

Textured wall designs offered by MacoAvell can add the personality and character to your walls and the rooms creating a sense of sophistication and excitement. All you have to do is choose the right design to match your room’s surroundings and lighting to get the best results.

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