Project Description

Matt Venetian Plaster : Orange Peel

Matt Venetian Plaster : Royal Yellow

Metallic Wax: K Gold

With the evolutionary changes that have been taking place in the interior designing arena in the last decade or so, patterns and textures are as important for the walls as paints are for the home. A nice and right texture can change the feel of the whole space and add a new feel to the room. Textures can be in any form or shape and designed in a variety of colors. MacoAvell is a wall designer who offers a variety of wall texture designs in a wide range. They have the technique, artistic vision, material and lots of patience to deliver what their clients want from them.

The wall design in the above-mentioned image is a modern wall art of smooth texture, which has been drawn using MacoAvell products. It is a perfect merger of inventiveness with taste and elegance. The wall had an innovative double plaster coating. The wall was first covered with Orange Peel Matt Venetian Plaster and once it dried, the second layer of Royal Yellow Matt Venetian Plaster was coated over the wall. Once everything was set up nicely, the K Gold Metallic Wax was used for final finishing which gave the wall a perfect orange yellow effect. So if you are interested in artistic walls, and want something very ingenious for your bedroom walls, MacoAvell is where you can get everything you want.

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