Project Description

Matt Venetian Plaster : Peach Plaster

Crystal overlay: Amber

Metallic Wax: Translucent Purple

With the way architectural styles have been changing, some wall designers might find it a bit difficult to keep up with the changing requirements of the wall décor. One of the most popular trends in the wall designing is the emergence of the wall paint textures. These days you can find the modern wall textures in contemporary style bedrooms in some of the topmost illustrative home magazines. A rough texture wall design can help you create the dramatic flair along with the elegance you want in your bedroom décor.

As you can see in the above-mentioned picture, the wall looks not only unique but also have a unique configuring factor. You can have this design at your favorite wall in no time. To create this wall design, first, the wall was completely coated with Matt Venetian Plaster of Peach Plaster. Once the plaster was completely dry, the Amber crystal overlay was spread all over it to bring out distinctive design. In the end, the Metallic Wax in Translucent Purple was used to provide an ultimate finish to the wall.

Home decorators have to face the trial of limited choices almost every day. And that is where MacoAvell comes in. It offers a wide range of wall texture options that are not only artistic but also give a ‘feel good’ factor to your bedroom and home.

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