Project Description

Matt Venetian Plaster: Royale Yellow

Matt Venetian Plaster: Mint

Metallic Wax: Navy Blue

Wall textures are designed in a variety of ways and it can be difficult to make a choice if you do not know what you want or need for your room walls. One of the interesting things about textures is that while they make some great designs, they can also be used for other purposes like covering minor flaws on your walls like uneven surface, almost visible seams, and so on. Wall texture can simply conceal those minor flaws and breathe in a new life in your old walls.

When you think about creating a good wall, it is mostly about choosing the right blend of colors. You can certainly add textures to it to make a good wall into a beautiful one. The image that that is showing on the above is a perfect illustration of a modern rough texture wall design. This wall has been designed by MacoAvell, who is a reputed wall décor company and are known in the industry for their impressive works. The wall in the image was first base coated with Royal Yellow Matt Venetian Plaster and once it dried, the second layer of Mint Matt Venetian Plaster was spread across the wall. Afterward the Navy Blue Metallic Wax was used for finishing to create a suave and fascinating wall design.

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