Project Description

Matt Plaster : Sage Green

Crystal Overlay : Navy Blue

Metallic Wax: Copper Gold

While you can find a variety of paints in different shines and colors to give a distinctive and eye-catching look to any room in your house or office, adding something like a rough texture to the wall can really bring some character into it. Wall texture is kind of a transformation of the traditional smooth wall painting into something more with different types of textures with unique application techniques and heartwarming results.

Rough texturing can add complexity, wisdom, and distinctive configuration to a room in a beautiful and most unexpected way. It takes away the boring walls and instead gives you something more fascinating and the wall picture shown above is one such example of the wall coming to life but in a different manner altogether. The above-featured wall was first coated with Sage Green Matt Venetian Plaster, and once it dried, the Navy Blue Crystal Overlay and Copper Gold metallic wax were used to bringing out the rough texture and finishing of the wall design.

With the way MacoAvell offers the wide range of textures and patterns for the wall designs and décor, you can easily pick the one design that can complement the other parts of your personal or commercial space and also assimilates with the complete home decor.

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