Project Description

Matt Venetian Plaster : White

Crystal Overlay: Dark Gray

Metallic Wax: K Gold

Have you ever thought about adding paint textures on the walls of your bedroom? If not, then maybe it is time that you do. Texture has gained a lot of popularity in the interior design industry. You can use the wall paint textures to create a new look for your bedroom or any other space in your home or office. It doesn’t matter where you use it, it will add personality to space while also providing some pleasing experience for the viewer.

The wall that you are seeing in the image showing above is a modern, simple and attractive smooth texture design that can give a space a bit of a rusty and yet sophisticated appearance.

At first, the wall was covered with the White Matt Venetian Plaster. Once the plaster dried, the Dark Gray Crystal Overlay was spread over it. Then the K Gold Metallic Wax was used to give the final finishing, bringing out the alluring results that you can see in the image.

So if you have grown tired of your old bedroom or any other space and add something exciting to the décor, MacoAvell is the place where you could find some of the best wall paint designs meeting all your need and wishes.

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