Matt Plaster : Lavender

Crystal Overlay: Royal Gold

Metallic Wax: Translucent Silver

When you are working on providing an effective makeover to your home, walls are the best place to start, and that is where you need to get the things right the first time. It will save you lots of time, money, and efforts. If it is only a room or a wall that you want to transform, DIY might be the way to go, and that is where MacoAvell’s wall designs like mentioned above can be of great help.

When you decorate your place and walls the right way, it not only gives the personality to your space but also show your own personality. The above-mentioned design is a mixture of dynamism, astuteness, and dignity. It shows an attractive rough texture in the shade of lavender, gold, and silver. In this design, at first, the base coat of Macoavell’s lavender Matt Venetian plaster was applied, providing a great and attractive base. Then the second layer of MacoAvell’s crystal overlay in color of Royal Gold along with a metallic wax finishing of translucent silver was applied. The end results as you can see for yourself is the stunning design that will leave you wanting more of the similar designs in other parts of your space. You can select the one that is right from the wide selection of MacoAvell wall designs and enjoy your home makeover project.

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