Matt Venetian Plaster: Macaroon

Metallic Wax: K Gold

When it comes to wall texture coatings, they are some of the best things that you can do for your walls. Textures not only provide an excellent finish and touch to your walls, but they also completely change the way your room looks. You can give an adorable appearance to your bedroom, living room, outer walls, and several other parts of your home. Using texture designs is like giving a more exciting or elegant look to your home.

With the right equipment, home décor can be a fun and effortless task. With MacoAvell, you can get some very great textures, patterns, and colors to turn your dull walls into something more exploratory and inventive. The wall design in the above-mentioned picture is a great representation of what MacoAvell can offer for you. It is a phenomenal blend of brilliance and inspiration that can make your ordinary room into a place of delight. The wall has an effortless application of Matt Venetian Plaster and Metallic Wax which in turn provides a modern and smooth texture design, giving a very soothing experience for your eyes. The wall was first base coated with Macaroon color Matt Venetian Plaster and then the plaster was topped with the brilliant K Gold Metallic wax for ultimate finishing. If you want something similar for your walls, MacoAvell can just do that for you.