MacoAvell Create a service that is customer focused, Macoavell understand client needs, delivering the exquisite finishes that meet taste and expectations from every community. Blending astonishing value with exceptional performance, Macoavell bring cutting-edge design trends within reach of everyone, a quality service without compromise.
Offering a comprehensive range of decorative plaster finishes and special effects, Macoavell don’t follow trends, but set them. From Marmorino, Matte Marmorino, Stucco, Cera Wax, Metallic Wax, Metallic Glaze and special effect tools, whatever the style, whatever the vision, Marmorino, Matte Marmorino, Stucco, Cera Wax, Metallic Wax, Metallic Glaze and special effect tools. Has the answer.

– lime based plasters are unequivocally the most beautiful wall finishes on the planet
– lasts for very very long time and improves with age
– eco-friendly, zero VOC, hypo- allergenic, no off-gassing, absorbs carbon dioxide, naturally resistant to mold and expels excess humidity
– versatile in any texture, sheen or color
– breathable
– filters the air
– crack resistant
– fade resistant
– the ultimate replacement for paint

Marmorino Macoavell VELLMA Marmorino offers a unique expression of colour, shape and design in any environment. A decorative plaster that offers a superb finish that looks opulent and beautiful while retaining affordability

Matte Marmorino Providing the simple application of a ready mixed coating with the subtle, luxurious design of a subtly textured matte finish, VELLPLAS Matte Marmorino delivers high-quality, superb design and exceptional value in one.

Stucco Perfect for recreating the historical style of Italian nobles and luxurious living through the ages, Stucco is a textured decorative plaster that adds a new dimension to interior style. Available in a range of subtle hues that retain that classic feel, it is a timeless finish brought into the 21st century.

Natural Cera Wax The ideal protection for plaster and furniture, Cera Clear Wax provides a water-resistant layer with one easy application. Repelling water and protecting against dirt and impurities, the transparent layer seals the surface it is applied to, providing a polished finish for a lustrous look.

Metallic Wax Protect, seal and polish your plaster surfaces while adding a metallic sheen to the finish. Our easily applied metallic wax is water resistant, forming a protective layer on the surface. Keeping out moisture and other impurities, this wax also contains a faux metallic tint that adds an extra sparkle to the final appearance.

Metallic Glaze  Crystal Overlay is a decorative water based paint for interior that can be use to produce a range of chromatic effects.

For a professional job, use a professional. But, for the most part, it’s pretty easy for most techniques. Most people need a 20 minute learning curve. Just watch your uniformity, edges and trowel marks and you’ll have a beautiful finish. Or just watch our videos. Always make a sample board first and start in the smallest area until you get the hang of it.

Usually with a trowel. Usually in 2 coats. You can create different kind of texture design by using different tools.

Yes, very. It’s zero VOC, hypo- allergenic, doesn’t off-gas, absorbs carbon dioxide, naturally resistant to mold and expels excess humidity. You’ll hardly smell a thing when you’re applying it. Very dark colors might sometimes have an odor to them.

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