MacoAvell metal leaf is made from a brass alloy that has been hammered into very fine sheets for use in gilding. Metal leaf is a cost-effective alternative to genuine gold leaf, offering a metallic surface which is shinier than a gold leaf surface generally.

This product is supplied as loose leaves in bundles of 500 leaves with each leaf having a dimension of 13cm x 13.5cm. Each leaved is interleaved with each other in a bundle, with tissue paper separators between set amounts of leaf. Metal leaf is suitable for most surfaces.

Metal leaf will tarnish over time and requires sealing to protect it, especially if the leaf is to be used in a high traffic area or if the gilding is to be touched or handled regularly. You can use MacoAvell Clear cera wax or lacquers and varnish that are suited for protecting metal leaf.

Size: 13cm x 13.5cm (one bundle will do over 10m2 of flat surface)

Each bundle contains 500 leaves