Matt Plaster : White Plaster

Crystal Overlay : Amber

Metallic Wax: K Gold

Rough texture wall design can give your wall a very cool and raw feeling. These kinds of textures have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and more and more people are willing to try something new instead of sticking to the same old wall painting patterns. Texturing has various layers to it and offers various ways to accentuate the overall look of a room and ultimately the home as a whole. The above-mentioned image of the unique wall design is one such example of modern wall texture designs.

This beautiful and rough texture wall has been designed for those who are willing to move out of the traditional ways and are not scared of trying something new and modern. At first, the wall was base coated with White Matt Venetian Plaster. When the matt plaster dried, then a Crystal Overlay in beautiful Amber was used to bring more out of the textures. And in the end, MacoAvell’s K Gold Metallic Wax was used to give a beautiful finish and conclusion to the wall design.

With the modern architects creating innovative and more modish homes and offices every day, designing unique wall designs has become a challenging task for the wall designers, something MacoAvell is doing very successfully as you can see in its vast collection of exclusive wall designs.

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